Company Profile

Dalian Longsheng Technology Development a technical enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service of electromechanical equipment. It is mainly dedicated to serving the field of national economy such as metallurgy, port, energy, mining, transportation, chemical industry, construction materials, grain storage, urban construction, etc. It has the design, manufacturing and commissioning capabilities of electrical control system for bulk material handling machinery,  port machinery, hoisting machinery, metallurgical machinery, coke oven machinery and other large-scale Equipment,  and also has the design and manufacturing capabilities of mechanical equipment and spare parts.

1.Mature electric drive automation control system

    Design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, maintenance, and upgrading of automatic control systems for bulk material handling machinery, port machinery, hoisting machinery, metallurgical machinery, coke oven machinery, etc. Hoist safety monitoring and management system is developed according to the hoist safety standards issued by the state.

2.Rare earth materials

    We cooperates with scientific research institutes to develop heat-resistant materials (rare-earth heat-resistant steel), which are widely used in casting products such as heat resistance, high temperature, wear resistance, impact resistance, oxidation resistance, etc.

3.Mechanical and electrical products

    Hoisting machinery reels, wheels and hooks, Coke oven machinery, stacker-reclaimer, dumper, caster and other machinery spare parts

4.agent Product:

    German SIEMENS, American BANNA, Japanese Yamatake, Cologne and other instrumentation products; SIEMENS, AB, ABB,SCHNEIDER automation products and high and low voltage switchgear;Inverter, stroke switch, cable release switch, safety relay sensor, etc. dedicated for wind power generation